Compressed Air Systems
-  carry out leak tests and regular maintenance
-  switch off air supply from machines and equipment during breaks, over night and weekends
-  use electrical tools instead of pneumatic tools 

Ventilation and Air Conditioning
clean and check filters at recommended intervals
-  install timer control on chilling units
-  run fans and pumps on variable speed drives

install day light, time and occupancy control on light systems
-  choose lamps with a longer life span up to 50 000 hours that reduce maintenance (replacement) cost
-  use voltage control on sodium lamps

replace tungsten filament lamps with energy efficient lamps alternatives
-  replace halogen lamps with LED types
-  install timers or programmers on hot water heaters and boilers
-  insulate bare pipes, valves and hot water cylinders

Last update 10.03.2010


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