Welcome to MEC Engineering a solution provider for Industrial, Building and Home Automation. We can offer a complete range of engineering and technical service to enhance productivity and efficiency. We have extensive knowledge in electrical design, panel fabrication, site installation and PLC programming for machines, equipment and production lines.
 Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency will save your business money and help to reduce your costs. We can temporally install our portable data logger Free of Charge to measure your electricity consumption. With the analysed data we can give you tailor made solutions to reduce your energy use in plants, buildings and houses. In times of decreasing budgets and rising commodity prices energy efficiency is becoming an important factor to stay competitive.


As a member of RECI ( Register of Electrical Contractor of Ireland) we provide to our customers the highest standard in electrical engineering. For every installation we supply Test Record Sheets and Completion Certificates.

Periodic Inspection and Testing
MEC can verify with Periodic Inspection and Testing the safety of your electrical installation and equipment. Due to age and normal wear and tear deterioration of electrical installations and equipment will occur.




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