One environmentally- friendly way of making your business run more cost effectively is to cut down on energy costs. MEC Engineering can help to achieve your goals. We can install temporary or fixed sub-meters on your premises to monitoring your energy use. Continuous monitoring and targeting can then be carried out to ensure that improvements in energy use continue by detecting waste when it occurs and ensuring that performance is maintained. In many cases with a small change in behaviour or small investment you can cut your energy consumption substantially. We analyse the collected data from the loggers or sub-meters to give you tailor made solutions and appropriate Return of Investments.

Did you know?

  • a leak of 1mm hole in a compressed air system cost you about 00 per annum on compressor running cost.

  • with reducing the speed of fans, pumps and compressors with variable speed drives by 20 per cent you save 50 per cent on electricity.

Saving tips

  • carry out leak tests and regular maintenance on compressed air systems

  • install time and occupancy control on light systems

  • install timers or programmers on hot water heaters and boilers

For more energy saving tips look at our web site a href="Saving.aspx">Saving Tips We will update the site regularly.


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